About me

I’m a developer since 2007. Or maybe earlier?

I started making websites a little before that, as a teenager, while I worked as an IT assistant. During college, I got my first job as a programmer and, since then, only continued to improve my skills to develop web applications.

PHP was my first programming language, using Apache to run the applications. However, to this day, the majority of my work has been made with Node.js and ASP.NET MVC (C#), deploying mostly on IIS (pretty much all of them on Azure). I have also worked on some native apps for iOS (Objective-C), besides developing with Cordova using Kendo Mobile or Ionic, targeting iOS and Android.

My preference is creating Javascript-only apps, using React (or one of the many similar out there) to build interfaces, but I also have experience working with Angular. Oh yes, I know how to use jQuery if needed (and probably better than most, sorry).

On the side, I started creating games in 2011, excluding previous endeavors with RPG Maker. Until now, I’ve made games with cocos2d-iphone (Objective-C, iOS only), cocos2d-x (C++, cross-platform), cocos2d-js (Javascript) and, more recently, Unity, which is now my go-to engine when starting new game projects. Currently, this is the area I’m most interested in working.

I’m always open to new technology and methodologies, as I don’t believe there is any silver bullet to anything. I prefer to choose a solution to a problem, rather than seeking a problem that can be solved by the technology I want to use. And my preferred way of learning what’s needed is by reading documentation and trying out code for myself.

I value professionalism without extreme formality. I like to be where criticisms and improvement suggestions are not seen as negativism, and where transparency is second nature.

You can check out my projects and other work at the footer.