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From cocos2d to Unity

One more Game Boy Jam, one more small game made.

As I may have written before, I love joining Game Boy Jam because the limitations allow me to work alone and force myself to learn new stuff, with enough time to not go crazy. Just before this one (the fourth edition), I started learning how to use Unity to relaunch an old game, so this was a good chance to put Unity to the test.
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Global Game Making Fun

Much have happened since my last post, personal and gamedev sides. I couldn’t participate on GameBoy Jam 2 (although my shirt is being constantly used!), but I’m currently working on the idea I originally had for it. I’m really proud of how this game is turning out to be, but I’ll talk about that on a future post, because last weekend I could join this year’s Global Game Jam, YAY!
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