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Unity: default input on different platforms and my workaround

In Brazil we have a word that I don’t think we can inarguably decide the translation to english: gambiarra. It stands for a dirty workaround, something that works but may break at any moment and may be a pain to resolve. Well, a gambiarra is what I did to circumvent one of Unity’s input system problems.
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From cocos2d to Unity

One more Game Boy Jam, one more small game made.

As I may have written before, I love joining Game Boy Jam because the limitations allow me to work alone and force myself to learn new stuff, with enough time to not go crazy. Just before this one (the fourth edition), I started learning how to use Unity to relaunch an old game, so this was a good chance to put Unity to the test.
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The Dame And The Tower – postmortem

Hey, folks! As many of you may already know, I proposed to my girlfriend on, exactly, this year’s May 7. And, in order to do that, I made a game! *shouts and jumps frenetically*

This is the first postmortem I ever wrote, so I don’t even know if the information here will be THAT relevant for anyone. Hope my memory doesn’t fail me! Let’s see how it goes.
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Pathfinding in Caste Break

I recently bumped into this, which is a demo page for a great pathfinding Javascript library. I noticed that none of the offered algorithms works the same way as the one I made for Caste Break, so I’m sharing my implementation here. I don’t know if this algorithm already exists and has a name, or if there’s an easier way to achieve the same thing. If so, please, drop a comment!
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Global Game Making Fun

Much have happened since my last post, personal and gamedev sides. I couldn’t participate on GameBoy Jam 2 (although my shirt is being constantly used!), but I’m currently working on the idea I originally had for it. I’m really proud of how this game is turning out to be, but I’ll talk about that on a future post, because last weekend I could join this year’s Global Game Jam, YAY!
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